8 reasons to invest in PR

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and in the digital age, the value of public relations (PR) – both traditional and digital – is often questioned. But what companies should really be asking is whether they can afford not to invest in PR?

No doubt there is an increased reliance on the internet today and marketers have a plethora of channels available to them where they can communicate and engage directly with their clients. But capturing and sustaining people’s interest in a company or brand requires more than that, which is why companies should be embracing public relations as a key part of their long-term marketing strategy.

To be clear, in this scenario digital and traditional PR are not mutually exclusive. In fact, integrated campaigns using both digital and traditional PR can be a game changer as it allows businesses to amplify their impact while maximising their budget.  

As you prepare your business and budget for 2022, here are eight reasons why you should invest in PR.

  1. PR inspires trust and cultivates credibility.
  2. The unbiased endorsement of your products or services through the right online or offline channels helps build brand perception and fosters engagement.
  3. PR is the key to shifting narratives when an industry goes through a disruption.
  4. It is an important tool for rebranding or building an industry presence.  
  5. If something goes wrong and a speedy response is required, PR is on the front line, taking care of your reputation.
  6. Thought leaders influence peers and help shape trends. By consistently placing thought leadership pieces across the right online and offline channels, your leaders can be positioned as trailblazers while simultaneously humanising your brand.
  7. Mindshare usually determines how well clients receive a product or service, and organic media coverage achieved through PR can meaningfully boost your company’s mindshare.
  8. Finally, earned media coverage can be a significant driver of high-quality leads.

When considering your overall marketing strategy, PR should ultimately steer the ship. By investing – or continuing to invest – in PR, your business can reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

With nearly 20 years’ experience and expertise developing and implementing successful digital and traditional PR campaigns for B2B clients in various sectors, including sustainable technologies, services, manufacturinglogistics and construction, amongst others, we are well versed in producing informative content for our established media contacts, in turn delivering tangible ROI for our clients.

To learn more about how an integrated traditional and digital B2B PR campaign can help your business, why not give us a call on 01422 363424 or email us at info@shrewdd.com

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