Micro Agencies – leading a charge

In the post-pandemic market, smaller micro-agencies can offer as much, if not more than their larger counterparts in the battle for new clients. Claire Frankland, Creative Lead at Shrewdd Marketing, explains why smaller agencies might be gaining traction.  

In the world of B2B outsourced marketing, it’s widely believed that larger companies will opt for the leading large agencies. The assumption is that the biggest players have the resources, the procurement teams and the established relationships needed to win the business. But is this always the case?

More and more decision-makers are turning to smaller agencies, drawn in by the creative and collaborative culture that these agencies can offer. While it’s true that micro-agencies lack the size of larger firms, they make up for it with agility, and a deep understanding of their niche. They are also less burdened by red tape.

One of the biggest advantages of micro-agencies is their ability to quickly explore new ideas and approaches. They operate with non-traditional hierarchies and methods, meaning they can pivot quickly and with minimal disruption.

These firms typically revolve around a central team of individuals, highly skilled in their respective fields, who in many cases have rejected the corporate world to establish and develop their careers in smaller owner-led agencies. Supporting this core team there is often a network of contractors, employees and freelancers, with specialised expertise that can be called upon for specific projects as and when required, making it more cost-effective for clients. This model provides companies and organisations with a flexible format to access marketing services when required.

By focusing on a particular niche, clients can see them as experts in that area – a factor that helps establish trust and confidence in partnerships. There is also the belief that services will be less ‘off the shelf’ and more bespoke. This is something that micro agencies can deliver. Team members may have often honed their skills as part of big programs of work, so they know the level of quality expected.

It could be argued another advantage of partnering with micro-agencies is they offer a level of collaboration that is challenging to achieve on a larger scale. They have the ability to become more deeply involved, as they have easier access and greater flexibility.

Micro-agencies are also highly valued for their ability to quickly generate intelligent ideas and act as a valuable resource. Their appeal lies in the close working relationships they foster, with companies gaining access to a small team of experienced professionals.

Should larger agencies be concerned about the development of micro-agencies? Not necessarily. Some micro-agencies work in partnership with larger agencies, often collaborating on projects or offering white-label services. They are also less likely to pitch for large projects that they are not geared up to deliver on.

Small, agile and disruptive agencies have always been around, however, in the current market, large companies and organisations are finding more value in working with them.

Celebrating 20 years in the industry, Shrewdd Marketing is a micro-agency with extensive experience and expertise in developing and implementing successful digital and traditional PR campaigns and social media marketing strategies for B2B clients. The company operates across various sectors, including sustainable technologies and services also manufacturing, amongst others.

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