In the market for effective PR – Pt.1

Marketing calls. They’re the bane of my life.

I can guarantee that several times a week, someone purporting to be from Canterbury, Manchester or South Wales will ring my mobile, mispronounce my surname, then try to sell me PPI for a loan I’ve never had or promise to get me compensation for an accident that never happened.

So, in our sales-saturated society, how do we ensure that we communicate key customer messages without our audience turning a blind eye (or a deaf ear) to what we have to say?

Effective PR has little to do with selling and so much more to do with building relationships. Savvy B2B specialists, in particular, know that they’re in it for the long run: It’s less about generating an emotional response that will see people rushing out to buy a new product and more about communicating through known and trusted channels.

In the first of a two-part series, we identify some tips for an effective PR campaign that will help build your company’s reputation and establish you as a leading voice in your field.

You’re special

Central to this is a thorough understanding of your USP. What makes you special? What sets you apart from the competition? What makes your audience choose a certain brand? It could be something that saves time, money or simply stands out from the crowd. Your USP should be the driving force behind your PR campaign. A good marketing company will make it their business to know your business – as well as your target audience and your competitors.

What’s your goal?

Once you get to the heart of what matters most to you, map out some clear goals. It’s vital to know what you want to achieve from the out-set, whether it’s increasing sales or increasing audience reach. Specific and achievable targets, which can be measured over a certain timeframe, will retain focus and demonstrate time well spent.

Next week: How to write a great press release, and embracing the digital age.

By Kate Wobschall.

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