Three key components of a successful tech marketing strategy (PT.2)

In the second part of our blog on the three key components of a successful tech marketing strategy, we explore how a multi-channel approach to a marketing strategy can help tech companies be successful in an increasingly complex market… 

Blend traditional and digital marketing in your strategy

The perfect marketing strategy seamlessly blends traditional and digital marketing activities to create a ‘whole nine yards’ approach. To maximise the reach of any marketing strategy you need to ensure you are promoting your marketing messages across all channels. Whether that is an impactful feature article in a trade magazine, a blog post on your website, an email campaign or even social media posts.

Today’s buyers are conducting more independent research than ever before, making convincing them to make a purchase a more complex process than in previous years. In fact, research from Harvard Business Review suggests that customers are, on average, 57% of the way through the buying process before they even engage with a sales rep[1]. When it comes to marketing your tech, the importance of maximising every last customer touchpoint through multi-channel marketing cannot be underestimated.

A successful content marketing strategy engages customers at every stage of the buying journey, creating touchpoints at all points, from the initial research all the way through to that all-important phone call to your sales rep.

Use your content wisely. You do not need to give a hard sell in every piece of content you produce, instead focus on engaging potential customers and making them want to come back for more. This will, in turn, create additional touchpoints and move customers one step closer to making that all important purchase.

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By Jared Priestley.


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