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Technology is a central driving force in the UK’s future growth plans and with the Chancellor Phillip Hammond announcing funding into next-generation technological research and development during the Spring budget, its importance will only continue to increase.

We are currently on the cusp of a revolution with ‘Internet of Things’ connected solutions, alongside the ever-growing development of Smart City infrastructures. With greater research and development funding comes more opportunities for UK-based technology companies to take products and solutions to market.

In order to access the plethora of opportunities available, it is important to implement a targeted marketing campaign as part of your company’s growth plans. And to ensure potential customers know about your company’s products and innovations it is vital to engage with your audiences.

Be proactive

You need to be proactive in promoting your brand, products and solutions in order to raise your profile within your target markets, particularly as technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The industry is saturated by what sometimes looks like a host of innovative concepts.

Not reaching your potential audiences through a strategic campaign which could include, for example, content marketingpublic relationsdigital marketing etc, your voice may struggle to be heard in the crowd.

Promoting those messages

As we discussed in our previous technology blog, the most effective way to talk about innovative technology with target audiences is to use educational messages in order to illustrate the features, benefits and USPs of your offer.

However, you should not make the messages all about ‘you’.

Developing thought-leadership articles for your specific audiences across a wide variety of channels will ensure exposure and awareness are increased.


In all sectors, using the right ‘mix’ is crucial. You need to target the right audiences, with the right messages, at the right time. Therefore, it is important to have a diverse spectrum of content, combining both digital and traditional platforms.

Without a well-designed website, which is optimised for mobile, alongside well-curated content, your company may not be seen as one that understands technological advances.

Additionally, visually appealing digital content such as videos, infographics and social media , will also assist in positioning your company.

However, while there is growing discussion surrounding technology and innovation, traditional media channels should not be overlooked.

As previously mentioned, thought-leadership articles for B2B media are a great way to spread your company’s strategic messages. As technology is such a hot topic, it can open doors to wider reaching opportunities including national newspapers.

Whilst social media channels are an excellent way of communicating with your followers, remember many B2B trade journals have thousands of readers and interest from just 1 per cent is likely to be, for most, greater than the number of followers reading your social media posts.

Here at Shrewdd, we have a long history of developing quality industry-specific content for technology companies, targeted at international audiences in a variety of sectors.

By Alf Lombardi.

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