Now is the time!

It’s unfortunate that during tough times businesses often neglect or cut back on their marketing. Understandably businesses in all sectors want to save cash, either due to lack of it to start with, or to create a buffer should things get worse. Taking your foot off the marketing throttle during times of crisis may however, do more harm than good.

As Mark Twain once said: “the secret of getting ahead is getting started”. Now should be the time to implement a fresh marketing strategy and grab the bull by the horns. If you don’t get your message out there to secure interest and let your customers know you’re a ‘survivor’ and a business that has their interests at heart, your competitors will!

Having said this, just throwing money at marketing is not the way forward. It doesn’t matter if you are running harder and faster than others if you’re going in the wrong direction.

One key area that encompasses all marketing and which should be your focus when trying to navigate your way through current times is content. Ensuring you have the right content and communicating it via different channels and platforms can be effective and can make all the difference.

 Content should convey confidence, creativity and engage with your target audiences. Engaging content can offer a new perspective, it can inspire, inform and share knowledge. It is giving your customers and potential customers a peek at something they can relate to that they may not have seen before or may have forgotten about.

Fresh content will also increase and build brand awareness, which is key to expanding your profile.

 Here are three key points to consider in the quest for content ‘greatness’.


Creating a variety of content not only keeps the audience wondering and engaged but ensures you reach your entire audiences. Not every member of your audience is the same. For example, through blogs, infographics and newsletters you can reach a variety of people with creative and varied content. It may be different audiences for media articles, printed literature and case studies. 

Tell your story

No one wants to read content that sounds like a university dissertation or a lawnmower manual. Customers want to be drawn into something interesting, entertaining and informative, that feels like it was written just for them. By doing this you are not only making the content more personal, you are building trust with the audience, making your content memorable and keeping your brand relevant.

Creating high quality content that keeps your audiences returning for more does require continuous effort, but the results are worth it. 

As an independent B2B agency, established in 2003 and still under the same management, while we may have adapted our expertise and moved with the times, we remain experts at creating content and delivering successful campaigns that deliver tangible ROI.

If you’re hungry to learn more about building a strategy and creating tailored engaging content, how it can help your brand awareness and ultimately sales – especially during these unprecedented times – please contact us. We’d love to hear from you to share our expertise with you.

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