New Year resolutions that will improve your B2B marketing strategy in 2018 (PT.2)

In the second part of our New Year resolutions blog about B2B marketing, we explore the digital trends that could have an impact on marketing in 2018 and improve the way we communicate…

Diversify your content strategies

“Content is king” may have become a much-overused adage in marketing circles, but the premise remains for 2018.

Businesses should use the scope of available content, and the embarrassment of channels to promote it through, to deliver a more diversified content strategy that engages with potential prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Motion/video marketing, in particular, looks set to grow further in 2018 and could prove a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

Contrary to popular belief, video and motion marketing doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, something as simple as a GIF or moving infographic can be developed for less than a couple of hundred pounds and can be an ingenious way to bring your brand to life.

Data, data and more data

From measuring and refining social media strategies to converting leads from email marketing, the insights that can be derived from data-analysis are invaluable for any B2B marketer and business.

However, data is very much underutilised when it comes to public relations (PR). In 2018, PR and data-analysis through analytics no longer need to be mutually exclusive. Indeed, B2B marketers and businesses alike should utilise tools like Google Analytics to analyse metrics such as click-throughs to their website from specific online and digital journals to gauge the impact of product or service-specific marketing campaigns.

A business’s ability to analyse data, interpret its meaning and turn that insight into action rapidly, can also deliver the ultimate competitive advantage when it comes to delivering customer-centric marketing. Using careful analysis of data, businesses can now ensure they create content that resonates with their target audiences. In a recent campaign, for example, we were able to accurately monitor click-throughs from specific key sector journals which featured our clients thought leadership and case study articles. These were easily comparable to click-throughs from social media.

Don’t forget the power of PR

Although technology will always play a key role in any B2B marketing strategy, this should not take away from the traditional role of a marketer, especially when it comes to PR.

In 2018, B2B marketers should not forget the importance of human interaction and relationship building. Whether that interaction is with an editor of a leading trade publication or a client, it can mean the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one.

The value of public relations (PR) has been further emphasised by the breaking news from Facebook regarding business pages. Only days after posting part 1 of our New Year resolutions blog, the social media giant announced that it will be demoting posts by businesses, brands and media to make them less prominent. Whilst the full details of how the changes will be implemented have not been revealed, Facebook has stated the platform will return to a more personable service which prioritises conversations taking place between friends and family.

What this means for the B2B sector is companies will have to become more creative in how they reach their audiences away from social media. PR allows businesses to reach a broad audience of industry professionals in the sectors in which they operate, with print and online journals distributed to large readerships, often reaching into the tens of thousands.

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By Alf Lombardi.

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