Logistics marketing tips

Across a wide variety of industries, logistics has, and always will, play a vital role in the supply chain. For example, a manufacturer may require component parts for assembly or a small business may need to send urgent items to customers.

Most businesses will not be able to operate as successfully without a trusted logistics provider and as a logistics business, you must convey the message that you are an essential part of your customers’ success.

Czech rep. Manufacturer producer bodybuilding and gymnastics: equipment and apparatus europages buy trenbolone online acomfi-correntino bodybuilding.At Shrewdd, we understand how crucial each aspect of the supply chain network is. We currently work with a number of logistics companies in different sections. All provide a variety of different services to their customers – and are extremely valued.

The industry is wide-reaching and covers a number of requirements. So it is likely, if not inevitable, that your business has a specific USP or service it provides.

We know that promoting these core services to vertical and horizontal markets is key. There are many great opportunities to be had in both traditional PR and digital marketing platforms within the sector. However, we would also recommend targeting vertical market sectors.

Shrewdd is a digital marketing agency in Leeds and we have over 14 years’ experience marketing logistics companies, promoting different areas of the industry such as refrigerated transport, freight distribution, bulk, time critical services and more.

If you require any marketing support for your business, contact us here.

By Jack Eustace.

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