How to utilise touch points

With it taking an estimated six to eight ‘touches’ before a company may even decide to contact you (Salesforce), knowing how to best create ‘touch points’ is a must when achieving B2B marketing sales.

You may wonder what exactly constitutes a touch point, luckily, they come in many forms and for them to be at their most effective, should be delivered in a variety of ways and over a period of time.

Touch points can be anything from a phone call, literature, a physical connection (meeting or networking event), an advert, seeing your logo or sponsor in a brochure, social media posts, receiving an email or word-of-mouth.

With businesses searching out information about you through different avenues – a huge 94% of B2B buyers conduct research online before making a purchase, (Forbes) – ensuring you engage with your audiences at every stage of the buying journey is essential.

In today’s digital world it takes 52% more touch points to close a deal (Bright Funnel), which emphasises the value of having as much readily available information about your company, products and services as possible, as it will all help potential customers make an informed decision.

It takes time to consistently represent your brand through touch points and there isn’t always the capacity in-house to do it as effectively as you might wish, which is when an experienced agency that has a team of content writers, social media experts and creatives can be of value. Saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

It is no longer enough to simply write a piece of literature, with so much competition, there is an ever-growing need to deliver multi-channel marketing campaigns that reach potential buyers.

At Shrewdd we have been implementing creative, innovative and meaningful marketing campaigns since 2003. With an experienced team, we know what makes for great marketing and why sometimes, companies need guidance. Whether you feel you need assistance with content marketing, social media, PR, branding, website development, advertising, digital, strategy or SEO, get in touch, we have the expertise to help.

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