How to hit the headlines with your B2B technology campaign

A good story has the power to captivate, create excitement and spark the imagination of your target audiences. Despite this, brand ‘storytelling’* is a marketing tool often underutilised in the B2B sector and none-more-so than by leading technology companies. Here we reveal the remedies to cure the problem.

Storytelling isn’t just about princesses and fairytale creatures; cutting-edge technology companies can also leverage the power of a strong brand story and the associated emotional triggers to deliver impactful and effective B2B marketing campaigns.

Brand storytelling is not inventing a story, rather it is using a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your customers[1].

It is no secret that the B2B tech space is overcrowded – with Tech expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy, according to Tech Nation’s 2018 report – so coming out on top can be a considerable challenge.

But how can B2B technology companies create campaigns that cut through the crowd and take technology to the front page?

Look beyond the press release

In the past, a press release was seen as the main instrument of a B2B campaign for communicating about a product launch. And whilst properly crafted and appropriately distributed press releases still have an important role to play in any B2B technology marketing campaign, in the digital media age marketers need to be looking at the wider landscape and thinking of digitally-led content that will resonate with editors and audiences alike.

Motion videos, for instance, is growing in stature and research has revealed viewers retain 95% of a message when watching as opposed to reading it, according to Forbes[2].

Contrary to popular belief, video and motion marketing doesn’t need to be expensive and doesn’t need to involve countless hours of studio editing and voice-overs. In fact, something as simple as an infographic-led motion video or GIF can be a creative, cost-effective way to inject video into a campaign.

Don’t forget to keep it ‘human’

The B2B industry has, for a long time, been associated with churning out dry and indigestible marketing content that concentrates on the technical capabilities of products.

Facts matter, of course, but unfortunately many B2B technology organisations struggle to shift away from product details when they should be focusing on telling the ‘story’ of how their solutions can resolve issues, improve current activities and save costs.

Bombarding potential customers with confusing specs and product data is highly unlikely to drive a sale, nor is it likely to capture the attention of an editor. However, talking about how a solution really ‘made a difference’ can drive discussion and spark the imagination of not only your target audiences but also an editor’s readership.

Although the B2B marketing approach is tailored towards selling to other businesses, it is vital not to forget the ‘human’ element and that you are, in fact, marketing to people.

By sharing creative and compelling customer-focused content such as case studies, social media campaigns, e-marketing strategies, engaging website content, traditional and online PR that centers on benefits, you can build a narrative about your company and, most importantly, your innovative technology and its impact in industry.

To find out how Shrewdd Marketing can support your B2B technology marketing strategy, get in touch with our team today.

*Storytelling is not inventing a story, rather it is using a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your customers. – 



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