Green is the New Black

In recent years investment from both public and private sectors in green technologies has rapidly grown.

Towards the end of 2019 the British government launched a £315m hunt to find new technologies that can shrink the carbon footprint and save £1bn a year on industrial energy bills.

With this sort of focus and investment, now is the time B2B companies large and small should consider how they are marketing their green tech solutions to maximise their opportunities for a cleaner and healthier future and that competitive edge.

Any company that can save customers money through innovative green tech should be actively promoting their proposition.

In the energy saving ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and Smart Cities age, a strong brand and progressive messages about how your innovative technology can enhance e.g. quality of life and/or operations, as well as reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions, should be actively promoted.

Brand values should be communicated in all content created. Whilst collateral should demonstrate your innovative green tech credentials. PRbrandsocial media, emails, website development and SEO should all at least be considered as a part of a B2B strategy. Even carefully crafted infographics to highlight USPs should be considered.

You could, for example, start with a white paper and use the content created not only across a variety of platforms but also across channels.

At Shrewdd we have over 17 years’ B2B experience working in the green technology sector for a range of clients from university spins outs and start-ups to recognised FTSE companies.

During this time, we have written and circulated hundreds, if not thousands, of articles promoting green tech sustainability messages, with press coverage secured in over 15 countries as well as relevant online industry websites. We have also launched new brands, over 30 products and developed wide-reaching tangible social media for global consumption.

If you’d like to learn more or discuss how we can help you, give us a call on 01422 363 424.

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