GDPR – The changing landscape

As you are probably aware the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be introduced 25th May 2018, which will have an impact on businesses with customers in the EU.

We recently attended an interesting conference led by Equilibrium Risk, to learn a little bit more on the subject.

As you may know, the aim of GDPR is to give individuals more control over their data, by imposing stricter rules on how companies can process and use their details. Every organisation must now specifically ask permission to collect, record and handle personal data.

These rules will have an impact on email marketing, as marketers will no longer be able to contact people who do not give their explicit permission. Companies will now need to have some form of documentation proving that recipients are happy to receive emails.

What’s more, those who opt-in should always have an option to opt out i.e. a clearly displayed unsubscribe link on an email campaign.

All records should be updated, particularly if an individual chooses to not receive emails.

Email marketing campaigns will require a lot of time and effort as marketers will not only need to be aware of who is in their databases but also who has provided consent to receive emails.

The rise of direct mail?

There has been a dramatic drop in direct mail in recent years, as companies shift towards internet marketing. However, the new GDPR regulations could be set to change this, with direct mail making a potential comeback.

Direct mail could prove to be a good way to communicate with potential customers under GDPR regulations, as door drops and unaddressed direct mail target postcodes, rather than individuals – meaning a business doesn’t require consent, saving time and effort.

Although this form of marketing should still be approached with caution, it doesn’t require intense monitoring of databases that internet marketing will.

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By Sophie Madgewick.

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