Circulating emails

You may have heard that Wetherspoons deleted its entire customer email database, scrapping email marketing altogether. This came as a surprise to many, as Wetherspoons stated they would turn to social media to promote their deals and offers, getting rid of their monthly email campaigns.

Although it is no secret that social media is a powerful form of marketing, due to its ability to increase engagement and generate and convert leads, we believe email marketing shouldn’t be ignored, particularly when it comes to B2B.

Email marketing remains highly effective in B2B marketing and has benefits that differ from other marketing activities.

Your message is delivered

Email marketing is unaffected by algorithms. Therefore, when you send out emails to various contacts your message will be delivered directly to each person.

An algorithm determines which posts certain users see first, by deciding if the post is relevant and whether it will interest the user. This could mean your message could become hidden if the post is seen as irrelevant for the specific user, reducing audience reach.

Keep in mind that relevancy remains key, your B2B business should focus on developing messages that are appropriate for specific audiences, as irrelevant emails are likely to be ignored.

Add a personal touch

By utilising email marketing, you can segment your audience into lists, and send each list a different tailored message that really resonates with them.

Furthermore, you can personalise each email by addressing each contact by name, making them feel valued.

A personalised email marketing strategy can help your B2B business build relationships with potential leads and existing customers, leading to increased brand loyalty and trust.

Measure performance

Metrics are essential to any marketing strategy, allowing your business to identify if chosen marketing activities are working.

With any email marketing software, you can access detailed in-depth performance data, so your B2B business can easily see how campaigns are performing.

This includes:

Email open rates
How many people unsubscribed
Link clicks

Data can be analysed and compared, allowing a business to see what has been successful and moreover what hasn’t.

Enabling your B2B business to develop an effective email strategy that appeals to different audiences, engaging with them, encouraging them to interact with you.

Here at Shrewdd, we have many years’ experience delivering effective email marketing campaigns, targeted at regional, national and international audiences.

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By Jack Eustace.

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