Digital Enterprise Supplier

We are proud to announce that Shrewdd Marketing is now a digital enterprise supplier, offering digital marketing services to SMEs in Leeds.

What is the Digital Enterprise Scheme?

Funded by local authorities and the EU, the goal of the Digital Enterprise Scheme is to help eligible Leeds based businesses to grow and expand by investing in IT or digital practices.

Eligible companies will receive a voucher between £1,000- £5,000, which can be spent on products or services that demonstrate digital transformation for the business, leading to improvements in business performance, increased productivity and innovation.

What does it mean to be a supplier?

As a Digital Enterprise supplier, we are offering our bespoke digital marketing services to help voucher applicants and SMEs maximise their business potential.

Our services include website design, email marketing, social media and online advertising, all of which can be significant in helping a company grow and expand.

Get in touch today, and see what our services can do for your business, call us on 0113 300 1900 or email us at

At Shrewdd, we have a long history of developing engaging marketing campaigns for companies, targeted at regional, national and international audiences.

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