Supporting start-ups and sustainable businesses in a Covid world

“The UK is a world leader in innovation and at this hugely challenging time, we know that young, fast-growing firms require tailored support to see them through.”

This was a recent quote from the Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, as the government launched a UK wide plan to drive innovation and development via a £1.25 billion government support package. These business grants will protect some of the most dynamic sectors and will not only boost the economy following the national Covid-19 lockdown but also help new and evolving businesses focused on environmental sustainability and green technology.

This government funding is an excellent opportunity for companies to invest in their marketing to raise awareness of their products, services and solutions. By raising your company’s profile, you are opening yourselves up to a number of wider opportunities not only for further funding/investment but also future sales.

As an independent B2B marketing agency, specialising in creating, developing and implementing award-winning digital and traditional marketing campaigns that engage with key audiences, we have vast experience working with organisations large and small, including university spin out and FTSE 100 companies.

While we may have had to adapt our expertise over the years and move with the times, we remain experts at creating content and delivering successful campaigns that deliver tangible ROI.

Aside from this funding being fantastic news for sustainability, it suggests there is a growing interest in green technologies, which makes it all the more important to identify and implement ways to market your messages effectively and get your content right.

Content is king 

Well written content is a critical component when marketing green technologies, it can demonstrate what your business is capable of and promote the benefits of your products and services. Successful content will:

  • Be constructed in a way that gives value to the reader
  • Communicate your key brand messages and values
  • Emphasise the USPs (unique selling points) 

Social media is an effective way to use content to communicate your brand values and messages to a large number of potential customers. When used pro-actively, it can; increase brand recognition, improve brand loyalty and increase traffic to your website. However, keep in mind it’s important to post content that will resonate with your target audiences, influencing them to engage with your company.

Use PR to further maximise your content. PR can not only increase brand awareness through news stories but allow you target key media with whitepapers, thought leadership commentary and case studies. 

Interactive media. Why not use the same content to create, GIFS, infographics or short videos? All have proven to deliver higher levels of engagement, as part of wider campaigns. 

At Shrewdd we work with many green tech and sustainable companies to develop effective campaigns that maximise ROI.

With over 20 years’ experience promoting green tech’ and sustainable businesses, we have written content for hundreds of campaigns

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