Optimise your B2B blog

Corporate B2B blogging is a valuable tool for any business. It is one of the most effective ways to engage with other businesses and build positive relationships. In addition, it allows a business to tell readers who they are, what they do and showcase skills.

An effective corporate blog can drive traffic to your website, increase brand recognition as well as reputation.

A corporate blog should:

Provide value

Content created for your blog should provide readers with value, allowing them to take something away from your posts.

If the reader feels as though your content is valuable they are likely to return to your blog for future posts. This could be the start of building a relationship with a frequent reader.

In order to create valuable content, you should:

Be original come up with innovative ideas for posts that differ from competitors

Be understandable make sure the language and terminology can be understood by your target audiences

Make content readable use a variety of techniques to split up content i.e. bullet points, numbered lists and subheadings, making it easy to read

Incorporate interactive media make use of videos, images and GIFs, as they have been proven to be more engaging

Be consistent

It can be easy to put off blogging as you concentrate on other day-to-day activities. However, keep in mind that failure to post regularly may have an adverse effect on engagement.

It is good practice to keep to a regular schedule, as consistently providing readers with valuable content will keep them engaged. In addition, by posting content on a certain day each week sets a routine for readers, making them more likely to visit your blog for new posts.

Remember to publish posts at times of the day with a high percentage of online users. This will lead to more visitors, which in turn will lead to higher levels of engagement and interaction.

Make use of social media

Use a variety of social platforms to market your blog, to target a large number of potential readers. Make full use of Twitter and LinkedIn as these social platforms are more effective in B2B marketing.

Social media posts should include a short summary of the blog post partnered with innovative interactive media. The aim is to entice readers to click on the link and continue reading, therefore social posts should be interesting and emphasise the benefit of reading the entire post.

Be sure to make use of hashtags, to identify specific keywords and facilitate a search for them. This makes it easier for users to find posts with a specific theme or content, using an industry-related hashtag e.g. #engineering, will allow your business to reach target audiences.

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By Kate Wobschall.

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