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In a world driven by brand visibility, getting your company noticed can be near impossible. Despite this, we all have those companies that remain at the forefront of the mind, that are easily recognisable and memorable– whether it be an iconic logo or clever design, they make an impression.

As a logo is considered the face of a company, it’s vital to get it right. Every business wants their logo to portray company values and objectives, however, in today’s competitive landscape, creating an everlasting impression matters more than ever.

We went around the office to learn which brand logos and aesthetics stand out for the Shrewdd team and why.


Nothing says icon like the interlocking Cs of the Chanel logo. It’s the epitome of both elegance and flamboyance. It’s more than a motif, it’s a style trademark that transcends generations and dictates trends.

Chanel is a classic example of a brand built around its inspiration. Coco Chanel herself was a woman of contrasts – extravagant yet discreet, ambitious yet dignified, a renowned couturier whose avant-garde approach and passionate nature were legendary.

People who choose Chanel over other luxury brands want the finest cut and elegance but are not afraid to be bold.


My favourite brand is Audi. I think the brand truly epitomises everything a great brand is about, not only is the four-ring design iconic and instantly recognisable, but it has also become synonymous with quality.

Whilst the logo design may seem very simple, especially when compared to other leading brands, it is an approach that has made it memorable and ensured it has truly stood the test of time.


As a fan of all things fitness, the Reebok brand – which has transformed significantly over recent years – is one that stands out.

Reebok’s history stretches back to the late 19th Century, with founder J.W Foster, whose running shoes changed the face of sports endorsements after being worn by Harold Abrahams in the 1924 Summer Olympics, made famous in the movie Chariots of Fire.

Since then, and from 1958, when the name ‘Reebok’ was created, the brand has been synonymous with sport and fitness.

Its most recent ‘Delta’ logo and its partnership with CrossFit is a prime example of the brand evolving to stay at the forefront of the industry.


Sometimes, simplicity holds the key to memorability, and one brand that manages to achieve this is e-commerce giant Amazon.

The design isn’t ground-breaking, nor is it cutting-edge; however, it subtly implies the brand has everything you need, with the arrow pointing A-Z.  What’s more, the logo hints at customer satisfaction with the arrow resembling a smile, indicating great service.

It just goes to show that less is more, a logo like Amazon’s can be truly effective and memorable, despite its minimalist design.


factory records banner

Flashback to the 1970’s, The Factory Records label ruled the new waves in Manchester, promoting cutting-edge post-punk music and visual creativity.

Peter Saville, a pivotal figure in graphic design was responsible for the iconic Factory Records aesthetic, developing a unique cataloguing system which gave the code not only to musical releases but to promotional artwork, packaging and buildings as well.

The Factory Records label remains iconic, thanks to Saville’s innovative designs. 

At Shrewdd, we have a wealth of experience in branding, working closely with B2B businesses to develop a vision and proposition that satisfies objectives.

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