My first week at Shrewdd

Hi, I am Claire and recently new to the Shrewdd team and so far, am really enjoying my experience! I love how the digital era is always evolving and with new, innovative technologies constantly being created, I don’t think there is any better time to connect, share and learn as much as I can which is why I am so excited to delve into the world of B2B marketing.

Originally from Bradford and having recently moved to Halifax I know what it means to hail from the north. I have seen first-hand how cities such as Leeds and Halifax are making their stamp on creative, industrial, technological, you name it, all industries, (you don’t have to move to London to ‘make it’ or be ‘successful’ anymore!)

I have always loved education and school life and although that sounds like a cliché, I was genuinely always that student who always wanted to do well. After sixth form studying Psychology, English Literature and History I decided to go for a change and applied for a practical course, something out of my comfort zone. That’s how I came to study Broadcast Journalism at Huddersfield University and loved every second of it.

Everyone always warns you that university is going to be stressful, hard work and you will spend your time doing ‘all-nighters’ to get your work handed in on time and yes, although there were a few pressures along the way, thankfully my university experience couldn’t have been any better. Luckily for me, and I know it is easy to say, I really did have the best course friends going. As my course was small, me and my peers all formed a very tight bond which only helped with our work, if someone was struggling, rest assured one of us were able to help.

It isn’t easy being thrown out of your comfort zone but I have learned that nothing bad can really come from it. Other than being nervous beforehand, you get to learn new things, meet new people and will never think ‘what if’. From sourcing stories, interviewing, scripting, presenting and editing for television and radio I learned so much more than just the basic rules of journalism. I have made lifelong friends, met people from all walks of life and very importantly, learned how to get a great work life balance!

After completing my degree with a First-Class Honours, I was keen to get straight into working life and as I had gained valuable experience at university, found a great interest in marketing. My first job was working in-house for a company, writing blogs, covering social media, updating content on their website and editing images. I learned a lot in my time there from SEO to fine-tuning my writing which then led me to Shrewdd.

I am really looking forward to working at Shrewdd as a Digital Marketing Executive and can’t wait to further my skills and learn as much as I can about the B2B marketing industry.

By Claire Woodhead

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