Case study

Bottoms Up!

Every year Innserve, the largest independent drinks dispense company in Britain, supplying, installing and maintaining drinks dispense systems in over 75,000 of the 135,000 licensed premises across all parts of England, Scotland and Wales, holds the Best Cellars Awards to recognise exceptional cellar and business practices. 

  • Brief

    • Raise the profile of the awards 
    • Encourage pubs to enter the awards 
    • Highlight the benefits of entering the awards
    • Promote good cellar management 
    • Cement Innserve’s position as the leading drinks dispense company in Britain
  • Recommendations

    • Develop an ‘eye-catching’ campaign to encourage pubs to enter the awards
    • Develop a PR campaign aimed at pubs, explaining the benefits of good cellar management
    • Develop a social media campaign to raise the profile of the awards
    • Develop a range of marketing collateral, highlighting the benefits of entering the awards 
    • Place adverts in strategic publications promoting good cellar management and great beer
  • Results

    • Creation of fictional characters Rupert & Amelia Lovebeer to front the campaign – 1950’s husband and wife with a passion for great beer 
    • Advertisements with key messages were created for trade media featuring Mr & Mrs Lovebeer
    • A Twitter profile was created for Mr & Mrs Lovebeer to personify the campaign
    • Supporting marketing collateral was created, including printed literature for each pub 
    • Feature articles were secured in all the key media highlighting Innserve’s position as the UK’s leading drinks dispense company
    • Currently ROI stands at 600%

What the client said


“Shrewdd has done a fantastic job raising the profile of the Best Cellars Awards. We have had a fantastic response to Mr & Mrs Lovebeer and are really pleased with the number of entries we received this year.”

Bill Tripp, Key Account Manager

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