Case Study

Sticking together

Hibiscus is a leading company in the supply of labels for the shipping of hazardous goods and chemicals. With the new CLP legislation for mixtures coming in to force, the company held a seminar on 12th November 2014 to inform companies about what they need to do, to stay ahead of the competition.

Hibiscus plc
  • Brief

    • Create an effective campaign to encourage people to sign up for the seminar
    • Raise the profile of the seminar and the benefits of attending
    • Educate people about what the CLP regulation changes mean in the mixtures market
    • Highlight Hibiscus’s knowledge on the subject
  • Recommendations

    • Use social media to encourage people to sign up to the seminar and to engage with the speakers
    • Secure feature articles within key magazines and online
    • Send e-shots in the run up to the seminar about the benefits of attending
    • Write and circulate a press release about the seminar and speakers
  • Results

    • Attendance levels were achieved
    • The average open rate for the e-shots promoting the seminar was above the industry average
    • Five articles were secured in trade magazines and online in the month running up to the seminar
    • Hibiscus received two significant leads for its software from attendees

What the client said


Shrewdd had a proactive approach to marketing our CLP seminar. By getting the articles published in trade magazines and online, they not only helped raise the profile of the seminar itself but also of our expertise within the sector.

James Killerby, director at Hibiscus

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