Case Study

A lighting revolution

Harvard Engineering, one of the world’s foremost lighting companies, launched EyeNut, an ingenious new monitoring and management system for indoor lighting.

  • Brief

    • Create an effective launch campaign, introducing the new brand
    • Encourage people to visit Harvard’s website to book a product demonstration
    • Educate new target audiences and stakeholders about the benefits of EyeNut
    • Highlight the benefits of wireless indoor lighting controls
  • Recommendations

    • Develop an eye catching, bright and attractive new product brand
    • Secure feature articles within key vertical market
    • Strategically place adverts in lighting magazines and on their websites to build brand awareness
    • Create an online campaign to promote EyeNut and indoor lighting controls
    • Use social media to create intrigue around the product and encourage attendees to the launch
  • Results

    • The PR campaign alone achieved nearly 4 times return on investment
    • 100 new businesses signed up for more information on the EyeNut website, with an additional 30 companies signing up for the 'EyeNut Experience' at the launch
    • 600 leads were generated at the show alone
    • The product was named ‘Controls Innovation of the Year’ at the annual Lighting Awards 2013

What the client said


It was great to work with Shrewdd on the launch of EyeNut. They continually provide a great, pro-active service, and the work on EyeNut was no different. The results achieved really do speak for themselves. We couldn’t be happier.

James Osborne, Marketing Manager at Harvard

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