Are you engaging?

by Jack Eustace

In our latest blog, we discuss how improving your engagement levels on social media can increase your profile.

Hit the target

On social media, you may be following hundreds of people and businesses, with your feed full of information, some of which may not even be relevant to you. Therefore, prior to beginning your engagement campaign, it’s important to break down your target audiences.

In some instances, your sectors may change regularly. If this is the case, then don’t worry, there are ways to target the right industry at the right time.

On Twitter, you can create segmented lists of sectors, or key industry figures in which you can tweet on select topics. You can reply, retweet or like posts to raise your company’s awareness within the sector.

On some social media platforms, you can also select targeted audiences where you will be able to post your update by specific industries, job titles, languages, job functions, company sizes and seniority.

Use events

Anyone who has ever used Twitter will be well aware of the ‘trending’ feature, where the current top stories and topics within a certain country, or even worldwide, are listed.

Due to the ease of accessibility, you can click a ‘trend’ from the homepage, using current trending events can be a good way to boost engagement.

We recommend using the top trending stories to tweet about a topic that is relevant to your business. One of the best examples is to use weekly events to post quality tips, or share your charity work with your followers. The content can also be edited and used across other platforms.

Ask questions

In any situation, the best way to get an answer from someone is to ask a question. The same goes for using social media.

To drive engagement, you should pose a question to your followers on social media asking their thoughts on a key industry topic. Once the replies come in, interact with your audience in a timely manner to drive further engagement.

So, that’s a few tips on engagement.

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