Are you ready to market your tech? - Part Two

by Jack Eustace

In the first part of this blog, we discussed the importance of ‘educating’ when it comes to marketing your new solution. Following on, we provide further B2B marketing advice for companies who want to market their innovative solutions…

Stand out

Even though your solution may be unique, there will still be a host of companies either challenging for the same market or hanging on your coat-tails waiting to replicate your technology with an even larger marketing budget.

You need to ensure you stand out from the crowd by making your brand visible across all platforms.

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to dedicate time to build a brand using both design and content, that resonates around the industry and guarantees your place as the market, or world leader within the field.

Pack a punch

As with all new solutions, whether it is technology-led or not, the launch needs to make an impact.

In today’s digital age, no longer will a simple press release listing features and benefits make an impact. You will need to run a strategic campaign across several platforms including your website, social media, video content, press releases, features and industry interviews.

A great way to drum up interest and entice potential customers is to create ‘preview content’ across the channels listed above, in the days, weeks and months leading up to your launch. For example, you can slowly release information about the product or create messages that countdown the days until the launch.

Furthermore, if your company is keen to capture data, you could even provide downloadable information, hosted on your website, to build a database of potential leads.

Know your stuff

Having an intrinsic understanding of your new technology may seem obvious. However, does everyone in your launch team understand the solution and the benefits it brings to the market?

In particular, the agency, needs to know their stuff as they are the ones that are creating the content in order to promote the solution in key sectors. Make sure you use an agency that understands how your product has the potential to change the world.

By educating, planning ahead, understanding your approach and employing a dedicated and experienced marketing company you can give your new solution the head start it deserves.

Are you ready to market your tech?
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