Are you ready to market your tech? - Part One

by Jack Eustace

In an age of digital advancements, be they hardware or software, the world of technology is ever-changing, with new products and solutions being launched on what seems a daily basis. Just switch on the TV or watch a video on YouTube and you’ll be bombarded with information about the latest innovations.

It goes without saying there is a huge demand for new technologies in the consumer market, and at the time of writing this blog, the CES2017 show has just finished, showcasing the weird and wonderful technology due to be launched in the coming 12 months.

However, when you take a closer look, technology is not just phones, tablets, VR, electric vehicles, AI and augmented reality. Companies operating in the business to business (B2B) sector are often ahead of the curve, designing and manufacturing world-leading solutions that are changing the world we live in.

At Shrewdd, we have over 14 years’ experience marketing new products and solutions that are at the leading edge. The most recent examples are solutions for the Internet of Things ‘IoT’ and Smart City infrastructures.

So, in the first of this two-part blog, let us touch on how to market something the world doesn’t know it needs yet…


When it comes to the world of marketing, and more specifically, promoting the latest technology, everyone needs to be educated.

If your product is the first of its kind, or sitting alongside others in an emerging market, your target audience may know nothing about it, or may not even be aware of the problem your solution will solve.

By circulating press releases, writing white papers and thought leadership articles, using social media and arranging interviews with the key media in target sectors, you can educate your audience at all levels about not only the USPs your solution has, but also about how it will benefit businesses as well as how it will change the paradigm.

Educating is vital when launching new and innovative solutions.

That’s a quick introduction and the first point in marketing your new technology.” Stay tuned over the next couple of days when we will be providing some further marketing tips.

Are you ready to market your tech?
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