Back to Basics: Creative Design Part Two

by Tony Beddows

In the first of this two-part back to basics creative design blog we examined brand guidelines and how to get your message across with the correct typography.

Following on, here are a further two important points to consider when composing a creative design project.

Images and graphics

Images and graphics are key in bringing your creative design to life and are arguably the most pivotal part of any project.

Purchasing a stock image from galleries such as iStock and Shutterstock may seem a good starting point, however, they are often generic and you may struggle to find one that fits your exact requirements.

A well designed graphic can perform the role of engaging, whilst providing your audience with a clear explanation of what is being discussed within the content.

Express yourself

It’s important to remember that any creative design project needs to be CREATIVE. As long as you stick to brand guidelines you should have the freedom to be as creative as you want to be.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, such as including different page textures throughout a brochure, or unique sizes and shapes on a host of marketing collateral.

Also, keeping up to date with the latest creative developments can be a great form of inspiration. One trend currently having a growing influence is infographics, which are a way of incorporating statistics into a simple graphic design.

Here at Shrewdd we have created and are continuing to develop a host of infographics for both ourselves and our clients (see example below). We believe they are a great way to highlight both eye catching statistics and showcase key points of your content, especially when it comes to usually complex B2B industry topics.

In both sections of this two-part blog, we’ve covered the very basics of creative design in order to give you a starting platform. If you’re unsure of the next steps, it’s certainly useful to enlist the assistance of a design agency in order to maximise all the creative aspects of your company.

Back to Basics: Creative Design
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