Take your content to the next level

by Jack Eustace

Content marketing was one of the marketing ‘buzz’ phrases of 2015, and the trend towards content is continuing into 2016. When writing content though, it can be difficult to find ways of making your latest pieces stand out against editorial you have previously produced, especially when you are discussing a popular topic.

Here are a few tips to help you take your future content to the next level…

Keep it short

The first thing that anyone sees when viewing your content is how it looks. In the digital age most people prefer to scan web pages rather than read all the information that is put in front of them.

Simple tools such as breaking up large chunks of text into smaller paragraphs, creating subtitles, bolding key words and adding bullet points can help keep longer content concise and engaging.

Make it accessible

As discussed in our previous blog, mobile has overtaken computer traffic with regards to search traffic. Therefore, make sure whatever you produce is easily accessible on all platforms. It’s no use having something great if more than half of your audience can’t view it.

When publishing content on your company website, think about a way to guide people towards it. Simple navigation tools such as button headers on your home page, search functions and drop down menus, will help people find your latest news and blog articles.

Use multimedia

Images, infographics and videos can be a great way of getting your message across in an exciting format. They can also be used in longer pieces of content to add value and highlight key points within an article.

When adding multimedia though, make sure it is appropriate to the editorial. It’s no use adding these tools if they can’t add value to your content.

Share it

Make sure you add share buttons for all relevant social media platforms on each piece of content you produce. Including these will make it easy for people to spread your message across social media just with the click of a button, helping you, and your content, to reach a greater audience.

So next time you are producing a piece of content, remember these four short tips to help your editorial stand out from the crowd.

Take your content to the next level
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