Make your 2016 marketing plan stand out

by Jack Eustace

As we enter the New Year, many businesses are turning their attention to developing a 2016 marketing strategy that fits their budget, but with so many media platforms available finding the best approach can be challenging.

Here are three 2016 trends that will help your company improve its marketing plan no matter how small a budget.

Take your content online

Creating quality content and repurposing it on a variety of platforms is most effective way of getting the most out of your marketing and PR collateral in 2016.

However, before producing any content you will need to develop a ‘hub’ on your company website where it can be hosted, viewed and shared.

It is essential that this ‘hub’ is mobile responsive. Research by Ofcom revealed that 2015 was the year mobile overtook computer traffic for search and in 2016 this gap will only get wider.

It’s no use having quality content on your company’s website if your customers cannot access it or share it on social media.

Use social media

Social Media has seen massive growth within the B2B sector, with many opportunities provided for businesses. In fact, recent research by Brandwatch revealed B2B brands are potentially missing out on over 70,000 sales opportunities on social media. 2016 is a great time to get social.

When used correctly social media is a great place to host content, a fantastic platform for interacting with your customers, can help to drive traffic towards your website and create leads for your sales team.

Live streaming

With customers demanding more instant forms of content, 2016 is the year to jump on board with video; in particular it is worth noting the emerging platform of live streaming.

Websites such as Twitch are now rivaling YouTube for viewing figures and the mobile live streaming app Periscope has over 10 million monthly companies. Producing live video content can give customers a unique way of interacting with your company.

It is well worth examining these options if you want to make the most out of your marketing plan.

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