Social Media - a must for any business

by Sebrina Gibbons

Social Media - a must for any business

Social media has been a large part of our personal lives for the past few years, but it has now also become an essential part of our working lives. Twitter and LinkedIn especially are now crucial communication tools for companies, even those in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector!

A recent survey found that 93% of marketers in the UK are now using social media for business, highlighting the evolution of social media platforms. And the key to any successful social media campaign is good content.

70% of UK B2B marketer’s state that their client’s brands have received more attention online due to the content used in their social media campaigns. But before you can create good content you need to know who your audience are.

Ask yourself the following questions – who will be interested in reading your content? What do they want to gain from it? And how will you get them to interact with your posts?

All these points, once answered give you a great starting place for creating a plan of action for your content. A weekly or monthly schedule will ensure that you have a constant flow of material being uploaded to your social media channels. Ensuring that your content is consistent with your key brand messages and up-to-date with any news in your industry is a must and will help you gain long lasting followers.

Breaking up your posts with visual content is also essential in ensuring interaction from your key target audience. Using images or even better infographics can catch the attention of readers and encourage them to interact with your posts.

And finally remember, the use of content marketing within a social media campaign is a long-term strategy. You need to monitor your platforms, see what works and keep doing it in order to succeed. You might not see success overnight but by posting relevant and engaging content, you will build a lasting following!

Social Media - a must for any business
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