Marketing – a key gateway to exports

by Amelia Annakin

Exporting to a new country is a difficult task for any business to get their head around, but with the right help and support, it can have huge benefits to your company and provide a significant Return on Investment.

In the UK, companies invest a lot on their marketing activities. However, when exporting, unless you have industry experts to advise you, it is difficult to know exactly what you should do to ensure your marketing activities are a success.

We have supported, and continue to support, a number of growing UK-based companies with their international marketing activities. Here are our top three tips for creating a successful export marketing campaign:

  • Do your research – if exporting, you will obviously have done your research about the country you are exporting to, and your competition in this new market. However you might not look at what your competition is doing in terms of marketing e.g. the key messages they are communicating and the magazines they are targeting. By looking at this over a period of time, you should begin to form a picture of how your own marketing activities should look.
  • Create relationships with the media – In the UK, you might be regularly emailed by magazine editors, informing you of relevant stories they are running in future editions and asking for your contributions. In international markets though, you may be a new player. By contacting editors of magazines that you have identified as important, and letting them know who you are and what makes you different, you will start to form bonds with them to ensure you are the company they contact when they need comments or a story.
  • Be consistent with your messages – it is easy to use the same adverts and style of articles in new international markets as you do in the UK but you need to remember that the market is different. Potential clients may need educating about your products and services and you might need to tailor your messages for each international market.

If you would like to talk to us about building an international marketing campaign why not get in touch for a no obligation meeting by emailing or calling 01422 336424.

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